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Londam is delighted to welcome Daverage J Normal to the label. The London- based producer creates deep, driving music which moves dancefloors wherever it is played. Here he delivers two darK, dub classics on the Bacchante Libations EP.

The title track combines an infectious groove with a mighty low end and gorgeous chord stabs. On top of it industrial percussion and subtle synth fills interplay to add energy and excitement.

Second cut Maenads brings a hypnotic pulse and layers it with dub goodness, wonky chords and spoken word. A wonderful roller for the wee small hours.

Perfect for techno, progressive and dub sets this EP gets our year off to the perfect start


neon echoes

Electric Eden Records proudly presents "Neon Echoes," a captivating representation of the Indie Dance genre, showcasing Daverage's distinctive style and musical ingenuity.

The single features two versions: the Original Mix and the Radio Edit. 

out now

simul imus

Together we go, we will escape the darkness, perhaps.